I smell fall

I’ve never quite completely understood summer lovers. I get the positive points of summer, that freedom feeling you get wearing sandals and shorts, let your hair air-dry, spending hours at the beach….
But for me, that is nothing compared with the feeling fall brings along. The smell of the chilly air, the leaves turning from green to yellow…. I love getting my blanket out of the closet, and wear on the light pijamas my father’s green cachemire pull, the one he gave me because it’s too small for him and that is knees-long for me.

I love the time fall gives me to rest, think, and read with a cup of tea or warm cocoa in my hands… The dinners with friends and the pumpkin soups, the scented candles and the cinnamon everywhere. I love the smell of the rain, and the sound it makes on the windows….
I love staying in because is cold outside and the moments of boredom transform in occasion of high creativity….

AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
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