Dry month, the safe place to be

Up until last night, I succeeded in spending a mostly dry month. I had a couple of glasses of wine a week (compared to the happy hours on Thursdays/Fridays and Saturdays during holiday season), and I felt I) proud II) good. I did not realise how much cutting down the alcohol made me feel better, until last night. We had some friends over for dinner (cooked lamb for the first time, so proud !) and I mindlessly sipped wine while chatting with everybody. Turns out that having guests refill your glass every time it is empty it’s a really, really bad idea. I woke up this morning with a master headache (took me one our to get out of bed, thumbs up!), and my belly is really, really upset. I’m realizing more and more that mindful eating is the key, and staying tuned with your body and its needs is fundamental to stay healthy and feel good. I only wish this came more naturally for me – I think of some friends of mine who know exactly which and how much food they need, all the time – but I’m definitely willing to make the effort. Stay tuned, I’ll dive into research and share some good books on the subject!

Baci e abbracci


AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
PHOTOS:  Pexels
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