A happy free year

January 1st, going back to work tomorrow and a long list of good intentions for the new year comes to mind.

BUT this year I’ve decided to give myself a break. During all my adult life I’ve been doing To Do lists, I’ve been thinking about the things I wanted to improve, or change….. Do the “hit the gym at least 4 times a week”, “be more organized in everything”, “do some meditation everyday” are familiar to anyone here? 🙂

Well, I’ve decided to approach 2019 is a freer way: of course I’ll do my best to have a good, productive, positive and grateful year. Nonetheless, I am not setting any specific goals to pursue. For the control freak and over achiever that I am the hardest task is not to give me any task.

I want to challenge myself to live day by day, not planning every single thing from weekly meal planning to workout schedules or time with this or that person… I’ll just “go with the flow” a little more (hugh, easier said than done). I also want to feel super good with myself this year and stop complaining about my looks, I’ll hence treat myself with kindness, eating clean but not dieting (this article about intuitive eating is enlightening) and working out enough to feel good, but not overwhelmed by obligations.


How about you, are you getting on with a list or the ‘free’ way?

Have a wonderful year everyone.

Baci e abbracci



AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
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