Daily life tricks. How to cheer up when it is hard to

Winter, grey sky, cold weather…. It is sometimes difficult to stay positive and motivated. Especially when Christmas is over and it is too early to think about summer vacations, bathing suits and pool-cocktails. If the bad mood loop ‘I am so bored that I am too bored not to think about boredom’ strikes during the weekends, the thought of passing from that to work is just too hard. I hence came up with a series of little tricks helping me to cheer up.


Call a beloved person.

When boredom gets in the way it is easier to get the motivation to dial a number rather then getting dressed and take the subway to a Sunday brunch. Talking and gossiping with a good friend or catching-up with family is always a cheer-up.


Take some time to cook something good.

I’ve read the Italian book “La cucina del buon gusto”, by London-based author Simonetta Agnello Hornby, and it opened my eyes. Why wait to have guests to cook a good dish and properly dress the table? I now do it for myself; during week-days I try to cook a savory quick dinner and always eat it at the table, properly. And during weekends I try to spoil myself and prepare something a little more elaborate, dress the table as if I was receiving guests, have a good glass of wine and take the time to focus on the good food and the moment I prepared with love, for myself.


Get scented candles.

Especially during winter having a well-scented home can be a real cheer-up. I like the smell and prolonged Christmas feeling scented-candles spread all over the apartment and, as scented candles are just so crazy expensive, I’ve been looking for cheap alternatives. My lately favorites: wood-scented Muji candle (6.95€), Samurai candle from Rituals (19.50€), and Ficus candle from Le Labo (63€, rechargeable).


Get some flowers in the house.

Fresh flowers picked up for your living-room; how deliciously spoiled does that sound? Taking some time to go to the farmer’s market or to the neighbourhood flower shop to chose your own bouquet is really good for the spirit. I try to do it every week or two, and I found that renouncing to a new t-shirt every now and then and dedicate that budget to flowers really gives me more satisfaction.


Get your own pre-sleep ritual

Getting to bed feeling low will definitely not help sleeping well. As I already have troubles sleeping, I really try to avoid this. I found  out that establishing a personal pre-sleep ritual can really help setting the mind and the body in the good mood to welcome good dreams. Personally, I am not a good meditation person (I’ve tried it, but my mind seems to wonder around widely), so I’ve found another system. I got Bach Flowers to spray on the pillow and essential oils to vaporize in the bedroom (tree pine and lavender are my favorites). When I get into the bed I try to focus on positive and funny thoughts and to bring attention to the various parts of my body, to ‘invite’ them relax.  



This is a very personal practice, which can be hard at the beginning. But once you start writing and let your thoughts on the paper you can really feel the relief of getting it all out. You can find the reason why your mood got low, or just let off steam and feel better. I do like having a journal in which collect my thoughts, but it can be done on various notebooks or random papers, that can be stored, through away, or even burnt.


If anybody should have any questions, or advice, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. 🙂
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