How I manage my workout routine

We all know the importance of staying active, and how difficult it is to integrate workouts in our schedule. After a day of work our only wish is either to go home and relax or to hang out with friends, and waking up at 6 to ‘go for a run’ is really heroic.
Nevertheless, working out has always been important to me: it makes me feel better about my body (going to the gym equals feeling prettier), and it helps me de-stress in a healthy way (avoiding to yell at random people or drowning stress in wine and cheese).
Sticking to a workout schedule is not easy, but there are some tricks that make it all easier…


Find something you love doing

Gym, yoga, pilates, outdoor exercising, in group or solo. Try as many sports as you can and identify what suits you best.


Work out to feel healthy, not to match the ‘perfect body’

Working out should be a pleasure, a moment to yourself during which you focus on the benefits that staying active gives to your body and mood. What matters is living a healthy life, not necessarily aiming at the ‘perfect body’, but at your, very personal, ideal healthy body.


You’ve tried it all, but you just hate exercising.

Not a real problem, you can instead just…walk. There are so many studies on the subject and apparently a 30 minutes walk a day would be the perfect formula to stay healthy without breaking a sweat. If you do not have 30 minutes  day, just try to sneak a walk in your everyday life (walk to the store, take the stairs instead of the elevator etc).


You skipped a workout, so what?

Some years ago I used to force myself to go to the gym no matter of the weather, health conditions or mood. I would even cancel a date with a friend to ‘stick to the schedule’. It ended up with me frustrated of not going out much and hating the gym. Not that surprising, right? I learned that the most important thing is to listen to my body, and that skipping one or two workouts if needed is really not that dramatic. Whether you like to workout one, two or five times a week, listen to yourself and respect your body.


What about you, do you have a workout routine? Share on comments below!

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AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
PHOTOS: Pexels and Unsplash
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