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Happy Sunday everyone!

The weather wasn’t great here in Paris yesterday (cloudy sky, topped by not feeling really good). On the positive side, days like these give me a lot of time to chill in bed reading my favorite blogs; I love doing this, and I never manage to spend enough time catching up on my reading during the week (yes, the commuting+gym+prepping stuff are to blame).

Here below you’ll find the list of the blogs that inspire me the most 🙂


Nutrition Stripped. Everything you need to know about healthy nutrition, with a lot of tips on how to manage to have a healthy life without spending hours in the kitchen and grocery shopping. Dieting is not the point, being healthy and feeling good and strong is.  

Style me pretty. For brides to be and not, I love spending some time looking at gorgeous weddings, great locations and dreamy dresses and engagement rings (having a romantic parenthesis always feels good).Plus, you see a lot of happy people, which is always a cheer up!

Cupcake and Cashmere. I’ve been following Cupcakes and Cashmere for some years now, and I really love the way Emily and the team get to talk about every kind of subject (from motherhood, to beauty, to personal challenges…) in a simple and natural way. They share their lives, dreams, joys and struggles…. you can really find inspiration and reassurement in their stories (plus a lot of great tips, I’ve been revolutionising my beauty routine following them).

A cup of Joe. I read a lot of A cup of Joe’s relationships and motherhood articles, that I always find helpful and inspiring. The ‘Have a lovely weekend’ serie is also a must to find good reads and inspirations.

The everygirl. If you’re in your 20s or 30s and aim to strongly develop your career – without losing focus on yourself – the Everygirl is the blog to follow. So many shared stories and tips.

Daily dream decor. When I feel like daydreaming on the perfect house, I type Daily Dream Decor and I fly with imagination.


Have any recommendations about not-to-miss blogs?

Baci e abbracci



AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
PHOTOS: Davide Fontana, Pexels
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