A day in Annecy

This Friday D. had to attend a work party and he brought me along; it was real fun, and too far from home to drive back, so we had planned to spend the night near Annecy (not too far from the Swiss border). We got to the hotel real late at night, and I did not realize quite well where we were, until morning. I opened up my eyes and saw a beautiful and peaceful lake view from our hotel window. We were at Clos Marcel, this amazing 14-rooms hotel which is perfectly described by the word coziness. We had breakfast there (scrambled eggs and bacon and fresh bread with home-made marmalade, yum and yum) then we hit the road to visit Annecy town.

Annecy is a small ancient town – called the Venice of the Alps for its canals – offering striking views on its lake and surrounding mountains. Perfect position to reach skiing places during winter and bathe in the lake during summer. I was kind of afraid we would have found only very small and very touristic shops selling heart-shaped pillows and postcards… man was I wrong, Annecy boutiques are cooler than Lyon’s, and would be competitive on Paris territory.  Here’re the pearls we’ve found…

To stay.

Clos Marcel. Worth the ride and every penny. This hotel is on the lake – private access to the beach – it is so silent you’re under the impression to be in a box, and everyone is smiley and spontaneous. We didn’t have the chance to stay at their restaurant for lunch, but it looked like we would have had a great time. The place is 15 minutes from Annecy city centre, and I cannot wait to get back some day (thinking about a 30th B-day celebration weekend there).

To eat

La piscine Kamouraska. This is the “on the go” version of restaurant Kamouraska (looked delicious, on my list for next time). The place is teeny tiny – the menu written on the glass offers little but good choice – we had cabbage, spices and pork sandwich and carrot/apple/radishes juice (a fresh change from the ginger version). Everything was delicious, though a bit expensive (25€ for 2 sandwiches and a juice).


Biutiful shop. Clothes, scented candles, precious perfumes and soaps, cutting-edge books and city guides selection. You almost get a cabinet de curiosités feeling, a place where you can find fun, different things.

ScèneDeVie / Matière et couleur. These interior shops offer a wide selection of furniture and objects. Matière et couleur is more classic and furniture oriented, ScèneDeVie has a lot to offer in objects, ornaments etc.

Le Boutik Hotel. A curious  concept store where to find cute little things, just near the namesake hotel and restaurant.  

If you are looking for a cute, relaxing but not boring place where to spend a weekend, I definitely suggest you consider this town.
Baci e abbracci

AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
PHOTOS:  Pexels, Life-Naked
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