Breathe and reboot

Every year after summer holidays I realize how much stress and negative thoughts and energy can cumulate in my body. I feel it after the first few days of vacation, when my muscles relax and my mind sets free from the everyday busy thoughts and to do lists. I look at my friends thinking of the great time I am having with them and of how I should have taken a flight back home more often. I look at my boyfriend and think of all the times I got home babbling about what to cook for dinner and how many laundries we have to make during the weekend instead of serving us a glass of wine and asking him “how was your day?” without looking at any tech device.

Every year when I finally have my feet in the sand and the nose slightly sun-burnt I promise to myself that this is the year everything will be less tense and stressful, because I will remember how happy I am right now and I will set back, relax and live at a slower pace. Then every year – like we all do – I get back home and get back to the long commuting/working/busy bee life and I tend to forget all this up until the next August. It is just in October and it somehow feels like summer is long gone and Christmas is still far far away; but looking at this summer pictures this morning I decided to breathe, reboot and remind me every week to live a little bit as it was summer holidays all year long. Now, who is with me?


AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
PHOTOS:  life-naked
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