A Lyon kind of weekend

As boyfriend works everywhere in  France, we do spend a lot of time in Lyon. This weekend, we decided to stroll around ‘Tourist style’, and try to discover new hidden places. Here’s what we found during our walk…

A homey-feeling co-working place.
Once you get in this kind of huge living room you could be at your friend’s house. You can choose among couches, armchairs, chairs, low and standard tables…. Prices are rather low, 5€ for the first hour and 4€ from the second on; in exchange you get wifi, alcohol-free drinks and some (not amazing, but still) snacks. Guess I’d come here to write if I where a local.


My Art Café. Nice, warm, little place where to have a healthy drink or a good piece of homemade cake. Here too a very warm feeling (flowery wallpaper and sketches hanging on the walls…). Good for a coffee and gossiping with some the gals.


Away Hostel we did not need a place to stay, but this nice design-like hostel organised a second-hand sale and we went to check out the place. We did not get lucky on the sales, but we had the chance to discover this nice and welcoming place. If you do not need a place to stay overnight but just a place where to hang and have brunch, they have a very nice cafe.


Soffa Slow Café

My art café

My art café

Away hostel

AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
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