How I prepare to cope with long flights

Spending many hours on a plane makes me nervous. It has been that way since I was 6, I was going on vacation with my parents and our plane went through what at the time felt like a huge turbulence. It has been getting better over time – especially because I refused this fear to take over me, as, I mean, I have to be able to take planes – but I still struggle with long cruises.
D and I are leaving for a 10-days trip to the US on Wednesday, which means an 11 and a half hours on a plane. The things that bother me the most are the constant noise, the turbulences, the artificial air smell and the fact that no matter how ‘good’ the airline is, planes are always the less cozy means of transportation (you just don’t feel good in them).
Knowing that it’ll be kind of hard for me to cope with all this, I’ve tried to ‘prepare’ myself at best. I don’t want to take sleeping pills or things like that as I am afraid that the effect would last too long or that I’d feel dizzy afterwards. Booze on a flight is not an option – tried it, not a good idea – so I looked for a ‘natural’ remedy. A couple of weeks ago I started taking two drops of Bach Flowers 4 times per day; they’re supposed to have a relaxing and anti-anxiety effect, hope they’ll work.
To have some entertainment other than the movies available on the plane (which are numerous, I have to admit), I downloaded 3 books on my Kindle, choosing different kinds of novels (I got Jackdaws, Ken Follet, Les écureuils de Central Park sont tristes le dimanche, Katherine Pancol  and Big Little Lies, Liane Moriarty).
There are some TV series that relax me a lot, so I’ll download a couple of seasons on my Phone, just to have some ‘soothing’ tv time if I feel the need (I’ll download Grace & Frankie, Parenthood and maybe Gilmore Girls). I’m really looking forward to this trip, I’ll be sharing more of that soon…
If you have any other tips on how to prepare for a long flight leave a comment below!
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