How I set an intention to de-stress

Our couple trip this summer is been a week in the mountains. After 10 months spent in the city, with traffic, pollution and a stressful rhythm it was just great to breathe in some fresh air and look at a clear, blue sky.


The weeks before leaving I had been feeling particularly stressed-out, and I worried I wouldn’t have been able to fully appreciate our vacation days. I wanted to avoid to bring my stress and consequent anxiety along with me, needed to find a magic way to de-stress rapidly, and make the most of the holidays.
So, I set an intention; I said to myself that I would have taken some time to evacuate the stress and anxiety, stopping them from coming all the way to Italy with me.


We had planned to leave around noon, and instead of staying home finish packing in the morning, I went ot the nearby park for a long power walk. I had a brief meditation session on headspace (meditating is really hard for me, but I try to kick in a session from time to time to see if it goes any better…), I looked at the beautiful nature surrounding me and listened to a super interesting TED Talk. On my way home, I tried to focus on the effort my muscles were making, trying to ‘sweat’ the stress away, telling me that for the next few days I would be super focused on living all the good moments with D.
And even if the stress did not fully slip away up until the day after or so, I found it easier to ignore all the mind-distractions and focus on the present moment. I more and more realize that adult life brings along many satisfactions as well as responsibilities, and that it is really important to make the most of the free time spent on our own or with our partner and friends.

Freeing my spirit before leaving allowed me to spend quality, fun time with D, dedicating one another special attentions that are difficult to fit in the super busy day by day life.
I will probably always suck at meditating, but I’m definitely making this ‘stress-evacuation operation’ a habit.


What about you, how do you de-stress? Leave a comment below!

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AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
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