Welcome to Christmas season

Warning. This article is written by a Christmas freak.

I can confidently say that Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year.
Isn’t that just amazing to take some time to enthusiastically (and yes, a bit childishly) appreciate warming moments?
Sure, there’s all the “commercial” part of the festivity and the heavy advertising pressure that come along with that, but if we stay focused and don’t fall into the “I wanna buy everything” loop, we can really appreciate the colors, and joyful caroling, and guilt-free warm cocoa (I mean, it is Christmas season, these are totally harmless calories, everyone knows it…)

Christmas comes though with a problem: it comes and passes by so quickly…. I’ve hence decided to officially start Christmas Season on Thursday, November 1st. And I will prolong it to January, Sunday 6th, at the very least.

This should give me enough time to deeply appreciate all the Christmas unmissable, that I’m sharing here today…..

Hope you’ll all have a blissful Christmas Season!


Yes, I know, huge classic. Nonetheless, I still didn’t get bored of watching the same Christmas movies over and over again, every year.

Love Actually
Notting Hill (I know, not a Christmas movie, but in my mind it is somewhat related to the Christmas spirit)
A Christmas Carol
The Grinch


I feel there are ‘right’ drinks to have around Christmas time…
Chai latte soya milk (there’s so much milk in it that the regular one would just be too challenging for my stomach)
Hot cocoa (possibly home made with a friend around 5pm)
Grog (a delicious French drink made of Rum, honey and lemon (served hot, mhmm)

Lights and decorations all over town

I mean, how can’t lights and Christmas decorations cheer you up immediately, just by looking at them? And shall we talk about the huge Christmas trees that we can find in malls ? (in Paris the Printemps’ tree is an unmissable one)

Rudolph’s socks and pajamas

I am perfectly aware that all year long it is good to make an effort to look lookable even when going to bed, but at least during this season, let me just wear socks and pajamas with a red-nosed reindeer on them.

Family and friends

Let’s not forget that this season also means that must of us get to spend some good, quality time with loved ones, which on Christmas is even better (and which gives to all the chance to get on a good fight with siblings because – let’s say it – sometimes we really miss to argue about “who stole my t-shirt?”)


Any programs for your Christmas Season?

Baci e abbracci


AUTHOR : Caterina Grosso
PHOTOS: pexels
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